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May 20, 2009
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Anti Communism by Kitsunemisao Anti Communism by Kitsunemisao

Anti Communismby Kitsunemisao

Scraps©2009-2014 Kitsunemisao
I don't support Communism either.
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DanneArt Mar 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
CODFANZ Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I prefer Christian theocracy or anarchism
But fascism is fine? 
Aaraas Feb 17, 2014  Student
... I! HATE!! YOU!!!
ZDL2k11 Jan 1, 2014  Student Artist
K........ So, tell me this then? Why did your Leader Suzi tried to Hack An Account of Mine in a Different Website? You know, it's like your Forcing People like us to Draw Anthropomorphics and Contribute to your Club. Here's News for YOU, Teivos is Brainwashed and SO ARE YOU.. You know what Teivos Spelled backwards is: Soviet!  Also SSR means Slovakian Soviet Republic, So If I were you, I'll get out  of the DAMN GROUP. You know it's so Funny that You guys got your Club Named Changed because the fact that in Capitalistic Environments this is Not allowed!

1)You Curse
2) You Group 5+
3) You Hurt other people as well
4) Antagonize and Start Horrible BandWagons

It doesn't take an FBI Agent to tell you that! You group did this to Yourself, history is not going to Repeat itself OH no! Don't B.S. me and say "I didn't do anything!" Last time a Punk that Was Brainwashed who Joined Anthro-Junkies or Anthro Squad said that got Caught Jacking off!

Don't you Punks dare and say "We don't know him" That's a Sign of Weakness. I can Draw Anthropomorphics Fine without Your Sick, Brainwashed, Maninfested, and a Murderous GROUP! Now stop Spreading Lies about ZDL or else Your gonna face Capital Punishment, YOU HEAR ME!
ZDL2k11 Jan 1, 2014  Student Artist
AWESOME, Capitalism forever btw, If you wanna Beat a Communist Sicko up it's Easy as 1,2, and 3:

1) :iconteivos: This guy changed his name from Alex Sacranov to Marek Statelov... You can easily Find him in Florida hurting Innocent Women who are Caucasians or even have the Nametag "Chans"

2) Forget about AK-47s and MP-15s..... If you guys need a Good way to End his Teivos and his :iconanthrosquad:'s Crew you better listen here... Get Snipers and End their European Revolution of Communism's Misery! Also, Carry a Backup weapon to end their nonsense

3) Lure Brainwashed Anthro Gangsters and Scare them such as :iconsuzidragonlady: :iconsaruuk: :iconduelmasterdestroyer: :iconmayeskii: :iconmax-dragon: :iconhunterbahamut: :iconlizkay: :iconzoonar: :iconthazumi: :iconswandog: :iconhele-jaguar: :iconDelkathus: :iconSorandra :shanegdraco: and :iconthalathis: everyone Who wants to END THIS Madness, All of you guys have to report all of their Offensive Artworks to DeviantART. Spammer 

4) Last of all, Keep a Low Profile and Make sure not to tell anyone okay?? Make sure, that we all Develop Codenames to each other!

I never Supported Communism because :iconsuzidragonlady: went OMG MOAR POEMS! happy and  ruined my Personal PC! I think I've fainted.  It was A New Communist Computer Virus that Even :iconteivos: knew. He wouldn't Confess because He Brainwashed A lot of people mention in method 3! They were Brainwashed and Believed and Blamed Asians, Gamergals, African-Americans along with Jewish Community that caused the Terror of 9/11! They were so Insensitive that they Laughed about it! Rage 
Think about it, :iconteivos: is nothing but a Problem?  and We can Stop his Anthro-Junkies One more Time!

Contact the How can DA help you? about :iconanthro-junkies: and :iconanthrosquad:

USA! USA USA USA United States of America !!!!
dalegribble3000 Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That is not Communism, that's Italian Fascism.
Kitsukrou Jan 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Stare  No.
RTJDudek Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Since you admire Stalin, Mao Zedong, Pol Pot and similar commie monsters, weird you refuse moving to North Korea. Especially since Fat Kimmy needs cannon fodder like you.
AntiRCCZealot Feb 14, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Funny how they support the North Korean regime and yet still obsess over stupid shits like My Little Pony or crappy anime series. Nevermind the fact that North Korea still hates Japan for what it did prior to 1945 and all the bloody oppression carried out by the Shinto imperialists are now in the hands of the psychopaths in the NK elite. Does that commie even know history? XD
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